For Forever


The Mallow Arts Festival has welcomed the inclusion of Centre Stage in this  years Festival. They will present” For Forever ” in the Aemilian Theatre on Friday July 26th and Saturday July 27th. Ticket details will be announced shortly.

‘For Forever’ is the story of Jennifer, Cara and Lauren; three friends bound together by their shared history and driven apart by a tragic event in the past.

Set on one day in their Transition year of school, we see that each of the young women is struggling with her own challenges.  These challenges, along with the tensions that rise due to Jennifer’s grief over the death of her sister, force them to face the changing nature of friendship, and the pressure that mental illness can put on a person.

In the build up to a house party, we see how the girls deal with pain through humour, and how friendship can see past a difficult time in a person’s life.  In particular, this story illustrates how support and kindness are two of the most important things that a person with mental illness can receive.