Art Exhibition @ 13.00


Local artists come together to exhibit their work in 104 Main Street. We welcome everyone to come have a wander, browse and chat with the artists. If it is your first time going to see an art exhibition or if you have lost track of how many you have been to we would be delighted to see you over the course of the festival.

Artists Statement – Joseph Heffernan

The characters in the paintings are ones that I choose to bring in to the studio for narrative reasons and are protagonists in a conflict between abstraction and figuration in a deceptively simple visual world.

There is a theatrical dimension to this world, which is purposefully staged and ambiguous, encouraging an investigation of the actions of the characters contained within. They appear to be obsessed with a strange compulsion towards repetition that is playful, melancholic and above all contradictory.

On some level these activities are a reflection of the day to day activities of being in the studio and the Quixotic nature of the working process.


Sarah Buckley, Visual Artist 

Sarah Buckley is a local Mallow artist who is currently completing her BA in Visual Art on Sherkin island (DIT). Having just finished her third year, she is exploring and experimenting with many different media and techniques. Her love is combining craft with installations and interventions. A theme running through her work to date is visual impairment –  to increase awareness of what it is like to have partial or imperfect vision.

Bill Buckley, Inchamay Wood Craft

Bill’s Facebook page has more examples of his work and can be found here.

Claire O’Keeffe, Collage

Claire O’Keeffe is an artist based in Newmarket, Co. Cork who graduated from CIT Crawford College of Art & Design in 2015. Claire works predominately in the medium of collage. Collage is O’Keeffe’s way of disengaging from the increasingly digital world that surrounds her.  The exercise of cutting requires time-intensive hand movements that remind her that not everything is as instantaneous as a click of a mouse.  The printed image has huge significance to her work as before the internet information was usually discovered from printed sources. The imagery O’Keeffe appropriates pre-dates the digital age and has been culled from discarded reference books and encyclopedias.

More information here:

Mark Kent, Visual Artist

Here are some images of Mark’s work from a few years ago: wall painting at the stedelijk museum schiedam holland and a work from germany 2008