2017 is the first year of Mallow Arts Festival which is organised by theĀ Mallow Arts Collective. The organising committee aim to provide a number of different types of arts and cultural activities for the people of Mallow and surrounding areas. We plan to include a music, drama, visual art, poetry, literature and craft in our programme of events. The committee hopes to attract quality performances and exhibitions across the above named areas to Mallow for the festival as well as providing space for local artists, musician, writers and crafters of both professional and amateur capacities with a space to express themselves. The festival also hopes to allow the wider public an opportunity to engage in experiential learning through inclusion of workshops and community activities in the festival programme.

The festival organising committee is made up entirely of local volunteers. We thank our many sponsor who make the festival possible as well as the mentors who have provided guidance and encouragement to us on our foray into the world of local festivals!